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As at March 2015
Competitor CAR
Car #
Phillip Adamson Lotus 7 S1
Gavin Bateman Mallock
Dave Beazer Lotus Seven series 4
Bill Clarkson Mallock U2 Mk6B
Roger Greaney Buckler DD2
Chris Havill Mallock U2 Mk6
David Hawke Monza Fait
Ray Hawke MER
Tony Herbert Lotus
Alan Hyndman Triford Special
Roger Munns Buckler 90
Bill Roughan Mogal Sports
Alan Service McRae U2
Brian Service Mallock U2 Mk8
Steve Sharpe Lotus 7
Richard Wright Beowolf Mk1
John Mines JRM Mallock
Craig Laing Buckler DD2

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Hi Guys,


Well that's a bit more like it we had 4 sports cars at this meeting but we still need to see more of you more often.

This was a Sunday only meeting, practice and four races in one day was pretty good.
Attending this time were Steve Sharpe Brain and I and Bill Clarkson who has purchased the Bill Stone Mk6 Mallock. Welcome Bill.

Bill had an excellent first day and after the obligatory spin he was away, by the 3rd race he was well on his way to being very competitive. Steve and Bill had a pretty trouble free day and Steve was the front runner in the three races. Brian and I had a fair bit of fun swapping places and generally enjoying the day. Both our cars were getting pretty hot though. In the second race I was having power loss problems which I put down to a loose ignition wire so retired early. I repaired that, unfortunately that wasn't the problem and as I pulled off the dummy grid for race three the car died, turns out the problem was a faulty fuse to the fuel pump I recon I should be able to fix that by Easter. Brian was going well but spun at the hair pin in race three and then couldn't get the car restarted so he finished on the tow rope. Steve had to tighten the generator bolts at lunch time so he was having big problems also. Bill was down in the covered pits but I think he basically had a trouble free day. So practice and three races in one day and no major problems makes for a good days racing I recon.

In the last newsletter I asked this question.

So think about this and let me know what you want.
At a 2 day meeting do we want to race all our races in one day?

Well the feedback was pretty conclusive, while we are happy with one day meetings for two day meets the majority want to spread the racing over the two days.

VCC/HRSCC Easter Hampton Downs.

Now it's time for a big THANKYOU a fabulous turn out in every class and sports cars all over the places 9 in total with Bill Clarkson Mallock Mk6, Steve Sharp Lotus, Tony Herbert Lotus, Richard Wright Bowolf, Chris Havell Mallock Mk6, David Hawk MER, David Heron Sadler, and Brian Mallock Mk8 and I McRaeU2. Good close racing was had by all with the odd drama during the day.
David Hawk had his first outing in the MER and managed a few laps in a car that was only just ready for the track, still at least he had it there and will be back again with the car more complete and reliable soon.
Tony Herbert was having great fun in the little Lotus until the exhaust system came off in the sweeper leaving cars and exhaust parts diving all over the place.
Chris Havell had starter problems which ended his weekend.
David Heron was away on Saturday afternoon and didn't return Sunday.
Steve Sharpe was the man to beat all weekend that is until the Lotus engine made some of those terrible terminal noises Steve thought it wasn't too bad until we noticed a crack in the block. A sure sign that things inside are not pretty.
Richard Wright had a pretty trouble free weekend apart from the normal English engine oil leaks which we eventually got to the bottom of.
Bill Clarkson was going great guns, his first time at Hampton Downs and he is well on the pace. Only Steve was able to beat him and the rest of us couldn't get near him in the ex Bill stone Mallock, it wasn't for a wont of trying either. Bill is going to be a real contender for the championship next year. If there was a prize from the biggest smile he would get that already as he walks around with a permanent smile from ear to ear and recons (and I quote) "this is the best thing I have ever done"
Brian spent the weekend chasing a miss which turned out to be the distributor hitting the bonnet in the hairpin only.
I had a bit of an overheating problem that we cured with the replacement of the head gasket. When the car just died by the pit entrance a replaced fuel pump cured that problem. Bill Stone observed that I was a bit loose in the rear and I pointed out the now slick used FF Avon's on the car and said maybe two seasons on a used set of tyre's was too much, still not bad value at the price (free) so I recon another set is the go.

The latest points are attached, as we stopped counting points at the TACCOC Puke round the season winner is……… BILL STONE, well done Bill. Brian is second this year and Steve Sharpe third. Congratulation's to you all.


Alan Service. Mc Rae U2. Sports Car coordinator

From our Australia corespondent:

A few months ago I received a call from my old (and I mean old) mate Bill Stone, inviting me to drive his Mallock Mk6b Clubman at the NZ Festival of Motor Racing celebrating Chris Amon.

Although delighted to be offered the drive in Bill's pride and joy, I was a bit apprehensive about it, as although I do a bit of hillclimbing, I hadn't raced on a track with other cars since 1985. Too good an opportunity to pass up though, I set about getting my competition license and headed for Hampton Downs.

I have always had a soft spot for Clubman cars, having seen them race at Amaroo and Oran Parks in Sydney, when I was a kid. Similar in performance to a Formula Ford, but without the expense of a racing transaxle. A really good, efficient, effective racing car. And I had met Arthur Mallock in his home in the UK, where he quizzed me at length about caster angles and scrub radius effects. I was quite impressed that he was still keen to improve the Mallock breed at the age of 78.

First visit to the track was on Thursday, where I was given the chance to do a few familiarisation laps behind the pace car, in Chris Havill's car. Thanks Chris; really worthwhile.

Fifteen minutes practise in Bill's car on Friday morning went well, working my way down to a 1;20.8 without scaring anyone (I hope). I was delighted to find that the car handled almost perfectly, with a nice neutral balance that could be tweaked into oversteer or understeer with suitable mismanagement of the controls.

Love the track, especially the two top gear corners, for the Mallock Turn 1 and Turn 6, balancing the car up on entry before carefully applying the power to find the apex and exit flat. I found a bit more time in qualifying, managing a 1;19.5 before running into traffic and packing it in. That was good enough (just) for second on the grid, a tenth behind Russell Greer from Blenheim in the Stanton Corvette and a tenth in front of Paul Madeley in the Nerus Silhouette.

First race on Saturday, and plenty of nervous concentration. I followed Bill's instructions and made a reasonable start, but not reasonable enough to match the Stanton to the first corner. With the Stanton driving a defensive line and taking a while to get going through the corners, and me following suit, I was soon overtaken by Steve Sharp in his Lotus 7 and Paul in the Silhouette. All nice clean stuff, thanks guys.

I have no recollection of what happened in the next few laps, but I found myself back in second, 5 seconds or so adrift of the Stanton Corvette, and managed a couple of 1;18.9s before running out of fuel with two laps to go. Bit of confusion about which dipstick belongs to which car! Made me feel like one as well. Not to worry, it was all good fun while it lasted. You should have seen the look on Bill's face when he came back to the tent after the race and I told him that we'd thrown a rod! (Rather bizarrely, in my last race back in 1985, I ran out of fuel while in second place with two laps to go).

Second race on Saturday, we were greeted by a nice wet track. The grip in the wet seemed really good on the lap to the grid, especially under brakes, so I figured those Michelin tyres must be a good thing.

I was still P2 on the grid, this time alongside Paul who had done a rather impressive 1;18.2 in the morning race. The only drama awaiting me was a delayed start sign at the starter's tower. Not knowing for how long the start would be delayed, I rather stupidly switched the car off, necessitating a bit of a panic when the first red light lit up! As a consequence I moved the car forward about a foot as I put it into gear. My start was OK again, but the Corvette blasted through from the second row, and set about his business. This time, however, with a bigger grip advantage, I managed to pass him at the first hairpin, and was pleasantly surprised not to have him pass me again on the run to the last corner.
Pretty much plane sailing from there, the car handling almost exactly the same in the wet as in the dry, but about 7 seconds per lap slower. The only hiccough was being shown a time penalty notice at the start line, no doubt for starting out of position. So I pressed on, figuring that if it was a 10-second penalty, I still had a chance of winning the race.
And so it was.

Rained off on Sunday, as you're all aware, but with a win in the Mallock and Bill storming through to second in his first Formula Ford meeting in 40 years, and on the basis that you're only as good as your last result, it wasn't a bad time to quit.

So thanks Bill and crew, Jim Barclay, Tony Roberts and Chris Watson of NZFMR and the friendly guys from HRSCC for having me. The event, the facility, the people and the atmosphere were fabulous. It's lovely to see so many people taking the right approach to their motor racing and having some fun.

Malcolm Oastler
Bega, NSW

Malcolm Oastler was Chief Designer at Reynard, Jaguar F1 and British American Racing F1.

Malcom Oastler seated behind Bill Stones U2. Standing L to R; Brian Service, Steve Sharp and Dewar Thomas.


HRSCC Taupo, 4/5 December 2010

Another great event held on the club circuit beautiful weather good friends and great racing. Also the Vintage Car Club attending again and what I site it's great to see those guys racing. 6 races and practice over two days and off home by 3pm Sunday not a bad effort I recon.

Well the drama started before the racing with Steve Sharpe's tow vehicle breaking down in Hamilton. (Steve recons it's his wife's tow vehicle) anyway he ended up driving his Buckler from Hamilton to Taupo in the pouring rain in the middle of the night. Have you seen a Buckler head lights? Any way Steve's a bit of a legion I recon drove through the night and then raced two cars all weekend and then had to drive the Buckler home. I think he might have slept today.

Anyway 7 sports cars for the Historic grid Steve Sharpe Lotus 7, Bill Stone Mallock Mk6, Brian Service Mallock Mk8, Gavin Bateman Mallock Mk4, Roger Greene Buckler DD1, Me McRae U2 and the Toyota powered Mistral (not rarely historic) Practice went well for all except me with a gearbox locked in second by the end, so my weekend was over. Racing was good and close with only a few minor incidents. Roger lost the hose on his Acue sump after the flag in race 1 which sent him into a spin on the sweeper. A few had trouble keeper in a straight line and by race six, some of those that were flaging were taking bets as to which corner Brian would spin on this time. Hero to zero was the order of the day for him. Still he earned the booby prize at the end of the meeting so not all was lost. COME IN SPINNER was the call of the day. Bill even removed the brand new nose from the Mallock and put the old one back on. Couldn't be sure were people were going he said and I need the new nose for Adrian Raynard and the festival meetings. Now there is something to put some pressure on about when the time comes.

Gavin, Bill and Steve seemed to run pretty flawless all weekend, although I did spot Gavin and Errol doing some brake work in the pits. The Mk4 is running extremely well now. At the end of the meeting it was Steve that topped the points table, Steve and the Lotus are a force to be reckoned with. Well that's about it Next meeting is HRC Taupo 15/16 January. See you there. MERRY XMAS


Alan Service, Mc Rae U2, Sports Car coordinator

Clockwise from L- Brian service U2 Mk8,
Bill Stone U2 Mk6B, Gavin Bateman U2Mk4
and Steve Sharp Lotus 7
Bill Stone and wife Susan Stone
(Nee Mallock)
Bill's U2 after Brian clipped its
nose hairs short
Steve Sharp in the Buckler 90
(Mk 2 De Joux body)
Graeme brayshaw Buckler DD1 with
Mk 2 De Joux body
Hopeful future Tiga driver, Steve Sharp
and wife Dennis (nee Ganley,
Howden's niece)
Alan Service (Sports racing car
Co-ordinator) and big brother,
Brian Service
Alan Service in his not so happy McRae U2


By Bill Stone

The 25th MG Classic. Manfeild, 13/14 November 2010

Seven Historic Sports Cars turned out for this two-day event.

  • Richard Wright. Beowulf Mk 1. 1700cc. Now running well again.
  • Alan Hyndman. Triford. Falcon power, 2850cc. Reliable and quick.
  • Gavin Bateman. Mallock Mk 4. 1650cc. A tidy car that is for sale.
  • Brian Service. Mallock Mk 8. 1598cc. This 2009 Championship winning car is also for sale. He has his original Mallock U2 nearly rebuilt.
  • Roger Greaney. Buckler DD11. 1600cc pre cross flow. This nicely prep-ed 1956 car is startlingly quick with a very competent Roger at the wheel.
  • Bill Roughan. Mogul Sport Mk 1. Bill has had some handling issues but is hopefully getting then sorted.
  • Bill Stone. Mallock Mk6B. 1500cc. So far my car has been very reliable and is handling well.

For this meeting the Sports Cars were grouped with the Formula Fords and the Formula Juniors. The FF's were quicker than us and mostly ran in a group at the front. The Juniors ran at the back of the field and were lapped by the front-runners. All the races were 6 laps. Saturday was overcast but the track was dry. Sunday started wet but was dry by race 5, though very windy.

Alan Hyndman was the class of the field and could run 2 or 3 sec's quicker that the rest of us. He won all four races. Richard Wright and I could run the same times and we had a great time. Close and safe.

I managed to take four 2nd places but twice he finished under ½ a sec behind. Just as well the start line was not further up the straight. He did have a spin and DNF in our third race but more on that race later. Bill Roughan and Gavin Bateman ran consistently close. Brian Service's weekend wasn't great. Snap oversteer and a dropped plug lead meant DNF's in his Saturday races and he decided not to start Sunday morning's wet race three, in hindsight a wise decision. By the final race he was back on track and finished a whisker behind Bill Roughan. Roger Greaney ran well in the first race but returning to the pits the clutch hose made contact with the exhaust and popped. He missed the 2nd race but run in that dramatic 3rd race and finished between Bill Roughan and Gavin Bateman.

The third race on Sunday morning was our third race of the weekend. It had rained and the big Classic saloons, out first, took a battering. The track was still damp for our start. We arrived at the dummy grid and found we would be starting in reverse order. The lights went out and the pack arrived at turn one to find a spinning FF that I think everyone managed to avoid. I was second across the line at the end of that lap. There were yellow flags waving everywhere and at the beginning of the back straight there was a tangle of badly damaged FF's. Safety Car for a couple of laps, a red flag and a lengthy stop on the grid, another safety car lap, a rolling restart and a couple more laps racing to the flag. I felt that the reverse grid race was potentially very dangerous and after the race I saw the stewards and voiced my opinion.

So the overall Sports Car results:

Alan Hyndman:
Bill Stone:
Richard Wright:
Bill Roughan:
Gavin Bateman:
Roger Greaney:
Brian Service:


Hi Guys,

TACCOC at Hampton Downs 7th November 5 sports car in the historic grid a good turn out for a day's racing. Practice was full over drama for Brian and I. Brian's front wheel nuts came off but he managed to keep the wheel on with only one nut and returned to the pit on the back of the tow truck. I had a plug lead come out of the distributor cap (twice) so had a couple of visits to the pits during practice, but other than that the new engine seemed to be ok. However I was having trouble with gear selection. Bill Stone, Steve Sharpe and Ray Hawke all seemed to have a good practice with Bill setting the pace closely followed by Steve.

Race 1 was won by Bill with a very exciting battle with Steve for the first place the lead swapped a couple of times but Bill managed to take out the win at the line. Brian's race was pretty good also but he was off the pace of the first two. Ray seemed to be enjoying himself in the MER and finished the race with no problems. I however noticed a bit of clutch slip on the warm up lap and when the flag dropped I left the clutch on the start finish line and my day was done a shame as I was looking forward to seeing how the new engine went.

Race two saw Bill and Steve once again in a battle for the lead with Brian catching until his engine went off. Ray came in on the tow rope after the engine just stopped so it was on the trailer for him. Turns out Brian's problem was one of the carb floats had fallen off so his day was also done.

Race three saw only two sports cars left Bill and Steve continuing the battle for the sports car and race win honors in what seemed to be a very entertaining and reliable days racing from the two of them.

Bill has certainly made his intention clear with regards to the sports car championship this year and its starting to look like we may have a new name on the trophy by the end of the season. Still it is early days yet so who Know's.

MG Manfield next but I won't be there so someone else will have to write the report. Brian recons it's down to the winner on the day.

Well that's about it HRSCC Taupo is on the 4 & 5th December get your entries in now

See you all there.

Alan Service
Sports Car Co-ordinator, McRae U2.


TACCOC Meeting Pukekohe Sunday 11th April 2010

As this was a one day only meeting we (Brian & Enid Service) decided to `amble' out to Pukekohe on Saturday and stay the night with the other motor vanners trackside. Arrived late afternoon in time to set up while it was still light and then had drinks & nibbles with the Clarkes, Walkers & Bruce McCoy. Phil Foulkes had been out earlier in the day but sadly due to the coming together of a car & a wall they had departed before we even got to the track.

Sunday was a really nice day weather wise, warm (not hot), dry & no wind, perfect conditions for the last race of the season. With Brian Service & Bill Stone the only ones racing in their class it was guaranteed from the start that a BS was going to be the winner on the day. Alan Service was away overseas (apart from having his car in pieces) and all the rest were `no shows. Despite the small field the competition was `hot' as Brian & Bill were around 30 points apart for the season. The race for the Chocolate Fish was on.

The turn out for the `one dayer' was not huge so the days program gave the boys a practice and three 8 lap races. The racing between the two BS's was very even and although Brian spent more time in the lead Bill was never out of touch and from time time the pressure showed. In race one Bill got a little keen and touched Brian while attempting to pass and for the second race meeting in a row sustained a broken nose cone.
Not only has Bill got a good supply of race tape he has it in RED. Brian just got red paint on his tire - lucky, lucky and he went on to win the race. Race two passed without incident with Brian again the first over the line. Third race was again good close racing but the pressure must have finally got to Brian. On the final lap he carried too much speed in to the SSSS's, spun out & had a very near miss with the tyre wall. No damage but the car would not restart, Bill went on to take the flag and Brian managed to restart after the race was finished and head back in without being towed.

All in all it was a great day and as pre agreed the winner was to write up the report. Being rather spelling challenged I elected Enid to do the writing - oh the joy of delegation.

Race 1.    1st Brian Service    2nd Bill Stone
Race 2.   1st Brian Service   2nd Bill Stone
Race 3.   1st Bill Stone   DNF Brian Service


Taupo. Feb 2010
Bill Stone.

It was a busy week at Hampton Downs, followed by some adverse weather at an equally busy few days at Pukekohe. The three days off in between, to catch up on mowing lawns etc, were used up getting my Mallock repaired for Taupo. The rear axle taken out and stripped; a new Panhard rod mount fabricate and welded on and then all put back together. Three days gone just like that. With a set-up on Thursday morning we were at last away to Taupo.

The containers arrived late on the Thursday afternoon, so the visitors were well set up in garages by Friday. All the ones Susanne spoke to had had a great visit to New Zealand and were very complimentary about NZ hospitality. Barbara Manning and her crew still had a smile on their faces after three very hectic Festival weekends. Well done them.

Never having run on the long circuit at Taupo before, I took advantage of the Friday test and got in three sessions. I found the infield a bit tight and narrow, challenging yes. For this meeting the Sports Cars ran with the Formula Fords and Juniors, probably because there were only two Sports Cars entered. Nev McKay with his Mallock Mk 8 and myself. This was disappointing after such strong fields at both Hampton Downs and Pukekohe. So there were some easy points available, all I had to do was finish the three races. Friday was exceedingly hot and Saturday and Sunday would be even hotter.

Qualifying on Saturday morning was a struggle for newcomers to the circuit and a lot of the overseas Junior drivers were scratching their heads wondering where to find some extra time. For the first race I was 15th on the grid and Nev just in front on 13th spot but at turn one on the 2nd lap he did a 360 and we all got by. A couple of laps later he came steaming by and that was the last I saw of him as he marched through the field with the bit between his teeth. For race three he would start on grid 5.

For race two I was on grid 21, as a number Formula Fords had by then found the fast line. But by mid race my brake pedal went away when a rear brake shoe adjuster unwound and let the shoe back from the drum. The problem was fixed with a couple of turns of lock wire. The third race was going well until a rear wheel came off a FJ in turn 3. The wheel bounced across the gravel trap, over the armco barrier and ended up in the middle of the main straight at about the 300yd board. It was hard to see and I only just managed to swerve in time to miss it. The yellow flags came out and the last half of the race was run behind the pace car. A disappointing end to a good weekend racing.

My lap times had improved with each run and there is still more time to come, maybe a second. One of the stars of the weekend was Martin Lucas, historic FF who, by the last race had worked his way up to 6th on the grid beside Nev McKay. Earlier this season Martin and I used to run at about the same pace but he finished the day 7 sec faster! Youth over experience I say.


by Bill Stone.

Hampton Downs 13th Dec 2009

Our first run on New Zealand’s newest race circuit.

Five Sports Cars contested this round of the championship and we joined the Formula Juniors for a combined group entry of 19.

Roger Munns, Buckler 90; Craig Laing, Buckler DD2; Brian Grant, Lotus 11 Consul; Brian Service, Mallock U2 Mk 8 and me, Mallock U2 Mk6B.

Brian Service and I were the fastest of the combined group, with times around 1.20. The Brabham FJ, the fastest Junior, was right there doing 1.21s. The Buckler’s and Lotus ran comfortably with the other Juniors. So this was probably the best place for us, although the earlier cars were lapped once which I think is acceptable.

I took advantage of the Saturday test day and although it was showery, it gave me a definite advantage for practice and the first race. I was on pole with Brian along side on number two spot. The remaining three were mixed in with the Juniors, so with the near perfect weather, there was some good racing in prospect.

Brian beat me off the line and held the lead for the first lap but I was able to put my Saturday laps to good use and snuck past, then continued to pull out a little on each lap. As I started my last lap I saw my water temp gauge had dropped to zero so I eased back a bit intending to cruise to the flag but I over did the cruise bit and Brian caught and passed me on the line. But the result sheet gave me the win! Brian had taken the flag on lap 9 but I had crossed the line in front on lap 8, the race distance. The flag had gone out one lap late. So Brian and I have agreed to split the points for this race.

After race 1, Brian Grant’s Lotus and Craig’s Buckler had lap times within a second and were working hard with the Junior’s doing simular times. Roger also had cars to dice with.

I managed to win the final two races though Brian Service did not make it easy and our lap times ending up about equal. Brian Grant enjoyed the circuit and was able to use the torque of that big four cylinder engine, he did not start race 3 as a small oil leak had developed. Craig had the Climax engine buzzing but found the drum brakes fading and had to extend his braking points. He finished the day with two 4ths and a 3rd. Roger had a great time and was looking for a little more speed and, like Craig, found the Buckler’s brakes a handicap.

I hope that this modern, smooth and exciting circuit will encourage more earlier Sports Cars to come and join the fun.

We all had a great days racing.

1716 Dummy grid at Hampton Downs.
Historics and Sports racing cars practice.
9545 Craig Laing buckler DD2



Well it was time for our annual picnic meet again and due to a booking mix up we were down to racing on Sunday only. However we did documentation on Saturday afternoon followed by a BBQ for dinner so all very social. Racing started at 9am on Sunday. We had 5 grids so everyone got practice and 5 races plus we ran a couple of flying fair wells. Not bad for 1 day. It was good to see the vintage cars there this year and hopefully we will see them again next year. 7 sports cars entered the historic grid which was a good turnout. Everyone had a good day on a slippery track. It was good to see Ray Hawke out on the track in the MER for the first time. Also Craig laing was there with his lovely Cooper Climax powered Buckler which I hadn't seen before. The Buckler just went all day with no problems Gavin Bateman came all the way from Wellington to run his MK4 Mallock which was once again in top condition and fitted with a 1650 consol engine as was the case originally. His day went pretty well with no real problems and as the day progressed he was climbing up the field. Ray Hawke had a couple of small problems with the MER a water hose came off and an on track incident saw the MER without a nose. But no real damage, Ray was improving all day. Bill Stone came in after one race with the gear lever in his hand rushed into town fixed it and was back racing and only missed one race. Bill Roghan had a oil pressure issue with the Mogal and the way the flywheel moves we think it may have broken a crank. Still I'm sure Bill will have it fixed in no time. Brian Service had a bit of an oil leak in the Mallock easily fixed and a good days racing. I had no problem all day and aside from some slip and slid, which we all had, I enjoyed the day.

Next meeting Is TACCOC Hampton Downs the long awaited first historic meet on the new track.

Alan Service
Sports Car Co-ordinator
McRae U2

Alan and Brian service. Mallock
U2 and McCrae U2
Bill Stone relaxing in the pits
Bill Stone Mallock U2
Bill Stone leads Allan and Brian at the
Craig Laing Buckler DD2 retiring
after coming together with the
BatemanU2 and resulting spin.
Ray Hawke; M.E.R sports car sans
nose after avoiding the crash but
not the cones
Craig Laing Buckler DD2
M.E.R sports car


Hi Guys,

The MG Classic race meeting at Manfield (14/11/09) was once again superb. There was some pre meeting email traffic about the unfair treatment of Historic's at this event but on the day all was sorted and once again the Historic's were given 5 races and practice. The last race on Sunday was mid program so we could all be gone by 4pm. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR. So if you are one of those Historic racer's that thinks' MG car club treat us bad. GET OVER IT come and give it a go, it's a fantastic meeting well organized and we ARE being looked after. The weather was horrible, cold and windy but no rain. A good turnout of 29 historic race cars including 8 sports cars with Richard Wright, (Beowolf) Roger Greaney, (Buckler) Alan Hydman (H & C Triford) Bill Roughan (Mogal) Bill Stone (Mallock) John Mines (JRM Mallock) Brian Service (Mallock) and myself all lining up for the practice.

Once again Richard's practice was marred by mechanical problems which were very frustrating for him as he had a great test day on Friday. Richard retired with a suspected broken cam follower in his brand new engine which made him as grumpy as I have ever seen him.

The racing was incident free though, with good close racing amongst the sports cars. John Mines with the JRM, sporting brand new Toyo road tires to make it Historic legal, was the exception though. The new tires also gave it the ground clearance of a small truck but that didn't worry John, who said it would handle like a pig but he was on the front grid row most times. When one race was over he could be seen jumping straight into the JRM2 to compete in the Sports Car Class. The rest of us competed with great vigor swapping places blocking and generally harassing each other for two days. Roger Greaney dropped a crank pulley which ended his weekend and Alan Hayman broke a rear axle but still the fun continued with the sports car field all within a half second of each other all weekend. Bill Stone turned out to be the big mover of the weekend and with a constant round of fine tuning by the last race was totally on top of the entire sports car field except for John Mines. Bill defiantly has his eye on the trophy this year.

Well that's about it HRSCC Taupo is next on the 6th December get your entries in now!!!
See you all there.

Alan Service
Sports Car Co-ordinator. McRae U2.

Alan Service #26 McRae U2, Brian Service #127 Mallock U2 Mk 8, Colin Grant #39 Beattie, Bill Roughan Mogal Sports in the pits.
Alan and Brian Service discussing the merits of double sink plugs with Tinky Winky and Dippsy (out of view) Alan is our esteemed Sports Car Co-ordinator and HRSCC Committee member
Historic Racer, Bill Stone Mallock U2 Mk6b, with race engineer John Steenson. Bill Roughan #333 in the Mogal Sport. Dummy grid at Manfeild.
Roger Greaney, Rootes group powered Buckler DD2.
Steve Beale photo
Bill Stone, Mallock U2 Mk6b.
Steve Beale photo

Sports Car Report #1 /10

Hi Guys,

Well the racing season is back and with that the Icebreaker meeting at Puke was held last weekend.
The weather was fine but the days cold and with a reasonably dry pit things weren't to bad. The historic grid was 23 cars strong so a good season start.7 sports cars at this meeting, with a couple of cars returning from a long absence.

First back was Brian Grant with the Lotus Consol as usual the car looks great and was running strong with no real problems. Also back on the track for the first time in ages was Roger Munns with his immaculate Buckler 90.The only problem that Roger had as I understand it was with officidom. In a time when we are trying to get his type of car back on the track I understand he was stopped from competing after the first race due to no cage or seatbelts. Now this is a pre 60's car so I, as did all of us thought that pre 60's doesn't require those. So it would be interesting to hear what that's all about. Surely if we want to encourage Rodger and the likes to bring their cars to that track (AND WE DO) we need a proper ruling so everyone knows where we are at.

Good to see Bill Roughan at Puke all the way from Napier and as usual no problems for Bill, with the Mogal well prepared for racing in the off season.

Steve's Lotus 7 is still going great and he says he's done nothing to it of the winter except wipe it down.
Bill Stone's Mallock was immaculate as usual and as the weekend progressed he became quicker and quicker.

Brian's Mallock was also looking pretty sharp with its new bonnet and paint job. As usual Brian has done heaps of work lifting the engine, dropping the ride height and making new panels and a paint job. Brian was suffering from overheating and a miss which we think is a blown head gasket. Water on the rear wheels seem to cause a lack of traction and a spin in "Death Valley" (the area by the pit entrance and named by Racing Ray) resulted in a minor altercation with the Armco and a major dent in the pride.

I didn't do much work over the winter but I did rebuild the rear shocks and raise the ride height a bit. My weekend was going great on Saturday and with Steve, Brian S and myself cross entered into the sports car races we were having a great time. Everyone's lap times continued to drop all weekend. Sunday the McRae U2 had a small oil leak that turned into a major oil leak when we tried to fix it so a new front engine mount is now required to make that go away, so unfortunately there was no racing for me on Sunday.

The season is looking pretty good this year with the Bruce McLaren festival meetings at Hampton Downs promising some large grids with sports car only races. The next point's race is the MG Classic at Manfield in November so get your entries in for that one. After that HRSCC Taupo, first weekend of December. A 1 day event this year due to a booking mix up but there will be a social thing Saturday afternoon which will include documentation and a full days racing on Sunday.
See you at Manfield

Alan Service
Sports Car Coordinator

Brian Service Mallock U2 Mk 8 follows
Ben Field, Elden Mk 8 FF over the Hill
Steve Sharp lotus 7 series 2 follows
Grant Campbell, FF over the Hill
Brian Grant 1959 Lotus Consul
Bill Roughan leads the field in his
Mogal Sports


Hi Guys,

HRC Puke Summer 2009

Once again Puke was fine and hot. Only 3 sports car on the historic grid this time which was a bit disappointing and it was a bit of a we came we raced we broke we went home weekend. All 3 of us cross entered into the sports car grid to get some extra racing in and this seems to be working ok, even if we were with the Super Historic's at this meeting. You just have to keep an eye out and it's all good. Steve Sharp had the best run of the weekend managing to complete the 2 practice sessions and the all the races even if he did have to take the Lotus home on Saturday night to change the generator. Brian's weekend started off bad with no first and second but the replacement of a roll pin in the selector fork soon fixed that. His starter also went to lunch so we had to push start him all weekend. His Puke times are now in the 11s and high 10s so he's getting pretty hard to catch. However in the 3rd race of the weekend the driveshaft flew apart and that made it a bit easier if not a little scary for him.

My weekend started good with the 2 practice seasons but in race one the car moved a few meters of the grid and that was the end of my weekend. We thought it was the gearbox but it turned out to be a broken axle. There was a broken syncro in the gearbox as well though. Still no worries it's all fixed now as is Brian's drive shaft and starter problem. So the entries are in for next Sunday. Hopefully we may see a few more of you at this meeting.

What we do need is some way of getting the slower cars out. There seems to be heaps of Bucklers and Mistrals etc around but no one will bring them out racing. If we had one or two that came regularly then I'm sure more would follow.

Next meeting is Pukekohe 5th April

Alan Service
Sports Car Coordinator
McRae U2


Hi Guys,

HRC Puke & TAUPO Summer 2009

Two weekends in a row at this time of year is becoming the norm It's a pity the Puke meet clashed with the A1GP but it was a terrific meeting anyway. Puke was FINE and hot 350 odd entries with 40 or so in the historic grid including 11 formula Vee's from Australia was great. Another large field of 5000s made for an entertaining weekend of motorsport.

4 sports car on the historic grid and we all had a reasonably trouble free weekend in the sun. Perhaps the biggest incident for the sports cars was Bill Stone losing part of his nose to the rear wheel of a Vee that came down on him at the hairpin in the handicap race. A rare racing incident in historic racing but I suspect that Bill was in a bit of a blind spot and just hadn't been seen. We all double entered into New Zealand Sports Car Grid and practiced with them but when they combined that with the Super Historic's our cunning plan for more racing for the same price was put on hold.


A repeat of Puke really but on the big track at Taupo. Once again huge fields, lots of entries, lots of heat and lots of fun. The organization once again was superb. Again over 40 on the Historic grid and 4 sports cars but this time Bill Stone stayed at home and Steve Sharpe took his place. No real problems for the four of us and as we all got used to the track lap times dropped and lead places swapped. Bill Roughan had a few minor overheating problems and a broken throttle cable both easily fixed. Brian had minor oil leak in the diff once again an easy fix and Steve lost the clutch in the Historic handicap race. Not quite so easily fixed but he completed the race and I'm sure will have it fixed in no time. This time the cunning plan to race with the NZ Sports cars worked so we had 2 practices and 6 races. Although some of those sports cars are seriously quick the Historic's often weren't last and we weren't unwelcome on the grid so I guess we will be doing that again.

Next meeting is Pukekohe in March entries online now see you there.

Alan Service
Sports Car Coordinator
McRae U2


HRSCC TAUPO 6th and 7th December 2008

Hi Guys,

Another great meeting at Taupo, the ussall laid back affair with plenty of racing, plenty of sun and lots of good humor A good turn out of sports cars with some new cars out for the Mallock 50th anniversary. For the first time I don't really have a handle on what went on all weekend, there was so much happening. 5 races per day is a lot to remember so I'm not going to try.

10 Mallock's for the anniversary was a good turn out with a good range of models, plus Steve Sharp's Lotus 7, Roger Greaneys Buckler. Chris Havill brought the Mallock (for display) and the Monza Fait (for play) a couple of MG'S and a Frazer made up the sports car grid along with two Minis that had nowhere else to go. Plenty of action in the pits too with everyone's car being worked on at some stage. Bill Stone had the Reynard works team on board to help with his brake issues I had my own brake issue with a broken galiper mount, while Bill Roughan was still struggling to get masses of house power onto the track until we replaced the clutch plate.

Roger dropped the Buckler off the edge of the track and bent an axle Brian run at of gears in the Mallock/Avenger gearbox Steve's Lotus dropped oil pressure but that came back for the next race. Gavin & Errol Bateman were working constantly on their two cars I'm not sure what the problems were but the Mk4 Mallock that's just had a rebuild looks great and goes real well. Jaimie Aislabie was over from Rotorua with two Mallocks that needed a bit of attention but nothing major it seemed. Nevelle McKay came in from Malaysia and brought an Aussie pit grew for his Mallock with him so they were doing Aussie stuff to that car all weekend and John Mines brought the JRM up from Wellington. He seemed to be the only one sitting around without much to do. So as you can see it was all go.

I've got no idea who came where in the races so email me back with what you know so I can work out the points otherwise we will all get none!!!

The next meetings on the calendar are the HRC Tasman meetings at Puke and Taupo (long track), last weekend of Jan and first weekend of FEB. Enter online NOW or we won't get a grid. In the mean time have a great Xmas and New Year and thanks for the comradeship and fun times we have all had so far this season.

See you at Puke.

Alan Service
Sports Car Co-ordinator, McRae U2

Lining up for the U.2. Parade lap. Gavin Bateman, Mallock U.2. Mk 4, Adrian Reynard (UK), Mallock U.2. Mk 6b (24), Alan Service, McRae U2, Brian Service Mallock U.2. Mk 6.
Bill Stone (24) Mallock U.2. Mk 6b on pole. Brian Service (27) Mallock U.2. Mk 6. Keeley Pudney,(78) Concept U.2. Mk 29; Nev Mckay (88) Mallock U.2. Mk 18; Bill Rohan (333) U2, Alan Service (red) McRae U2. Morrie Hogan (blue) Mallock U.2. Mk 11b. John Mines (orange) JRM Sports. Ray Stone photo
Susanne Stone (nee Mallock) with Umbrella. Bill Stone Mallock U.2. Mk 6b on pole; Keeley Pudney, this year competing in the Toyota Racing series, in Jamie Aislabie's Concept U.2. Mk 29; (behind) Nev Mckay Mallock U.2. Mk 18; John Mines JRM Sports, Morrie Hogan Mallock U.2. Mk 11b. Ray Stone photographer.
Adrian Reynard in Bill Stones U2 Mk6. Noel Martin Smith photo
Bill Stone. Noel Martin Smith photo


Hi Guys,

The MG Classic race meeting at Manfield was once again a superb race meeting. Excellent weather and a good turn out of historic racecars. This year the organizers once again gave us and extra race on the Sunday. So five races was fantastic.

A good turn out of sports cars as well with Richard Wright, (Beowolf) Roger Greaney, (Buckler) Alan Hydman (H & C Triford) Bill Roughan (Mogal) Brian Service (Mallock) and myself all lining up for the practice. Brian putting the Mallock into the wall at the hairpin and bending the diff while Bill and Richard were having trouble with over heating marred practice.

The racing was incident free though, although the overheating problems continued for Richard and Bill. Eventually Richard retired with a suspected blown head gasket in his new engine while Bill managed to cure his problem.

We whipped the bent diff out of Brian's car and took it to town where a engineer straightened it for free. Banged it back in with a replacement axle and away he went. Of course the wheel came loose because I didn't tighten the spacer properly but other than that all was ok.

After a bit of a night at the event dinner Sunday dawned bright and cool but the rest of the day was fantastic. Good racing within the historic field and no real problems. Alan forgot to refuel the Triford so didn't get to complete the last race but other than that we all managed to complete a fantastic weekend of racing.

Over the years there has been some chatter about the way Historic's are treated at this meeting but obviously the organizers have made a huge effort to look after us. Practice and 5 races over a 2 day weekend is exceptional and on top of that the last race on Sunday was early afternoon so everyone that wanted too could pack up and head home early. Maybe next year we will see a return of some more Juniors to boost the fields even more.

Well that's about it HRSCC Taupo is next with the Mallock 50th get your entries in now!!!

See you all there.

Alan Service
Sports Car Co-ordinator
McRae U2


TACCOC Pukekohe May 2008

Hi Guys

And so another season of racing draws to a close with this meeting. A bit different to the usual TACCOC affair with only seventy odd entries for the entire meeting. This made up 4 grids which meant that we all got 4 races and practice in1 day. FABULOUS.

20 cars in the historic field is a good turn out for this time of year but only 4 sports cars. The good news however is that Phillip Adamson brought out his lovely little Lotus 7 S1. What a beautiful car, hopefully we will see some more of that and if we could get a couple of Bucklers to come along as well we could have another nice little sports car section there.

Steve Sharp, Brian and myself made up the rest of the sports car field. Practice times of 1.14 ?? for Steve and Brian and 1.16.?? for me meant that we were all going fairly well. All 4 sports cars completed the days racing without any problems and the cars were all put on the trailers in one piece and still running well which was very good to see.

Race one was won buy Steve with a best lap of 1.13.54 with Brian a close second me third and Phillip bringing up the rear. This pretty much set the trend for the day.

Race two and three were marred by safety car interventions and the finish order didn't change from race one although there was some overtaking under yellow (Brian) which effected final placing. These two races were also interesting as half the track was wet and half dry so you had to tip toe around the hairpin and up the hill and them go like stink around the rest of the track.

Fortunately the last race of the season was on a nice dry track. Well at least a track with a dry line. Steve once again leapt to the front to mixed it with the Formula Fords while Brian decided that Steve couldn't be left to that fun by himself and set off in hot pursuit. However I had other plans for Brian, after a bit of inspiration was kindly imparted to me by Enid (Brian's wife). So I was after him and a nice little battle developed with Brain and I passing each other a couple of times. In the end it was victory once again to the fabulous Ford power of Steve's Lotus, followed by me in the McRae U2 and Brian in third. (Phillip didn't do the last race). Best times of the day, Steve 1.13.15, Me 1.13.77, Brian 1.13.81 and Phillip 1.25.41.

After that, all that was left to do was pack up, have a drink and say our goodbye's until the new season starts again in September. As for the points, see the chart-attached prize giving at the HRSCC dinner Ill let you know when.

See you all there

Alan Service
Sports Car Coordinator
McRae U2


They say that your car always goes extra well just before it blows up. I have no reason to doubt that.

A large meeting with lots and lots of BMWs. That class has certainly taken off. Forty entries, close racing and relatively cheap to build and maintain. As long as you don't hit anything or anyone! There were around 250 entries altogether, so large and varied fields, some close racing and unfortunately quite a lot of damage, both mechanical and panel. After the double tragedy the week before there was a rather sombre atmosphere.

As a lot of the normal hard chargers were missing. Condolences to Alan. Competing in the Bash, or in Australia at the Melbourne GP after competing at Philip island in the Formula Junior races, it was decided to open the field up to higher horsepower, more modern single seaters. There was some concern amongst the slower cars (all of us) about this but it worked out alright.

Practise was practise. Beowulf dropped a spark lead. Chris Havill found that new tyres need running in, and untill they are the handling is interesting. He should have kept the old air and used it again. Everyone else had no problems that I heard about. New Lotus 7 driver Steve Sharpe was gpoing extra well, his car looks great and is well driven. A bit more experience and sorting and he will be seriously quick.

For the first time we had rolling starts as some of the more modern cars and drivers were concerned about getting away cleanly. Warm up lap, form up behind the pace car who pulls into the pits after a lap, over the top of the hill in formation, 70kph over the start line and away. I was doing 5000rpm in third over the start line, about 70mph and struggling to hold position. Passed a couple in the sweeper and Rodin Wooten in the Brabham up the back straight. A slipping clutch causing his withdrawal from the meeting. When did Rodin last have a DNF? (answers on a fish and chip wrapper to Alan). Steve gave me a hard time for a couple of laps but I was able to ease away and harass a couple of Formula Fords for the rest of the race. Brian Service and Chris Havills U2s gave no problems. I had upped the tyre pressures in Beowulf which improved the handling enormously and got down to 1.14.1 best time ever apart from an obvious mis-time several years ago.

Second race, and first race for us on Sunday. The rolling start was even faster this time, about 5000rpm in top, around 170kph! All went well untill the third or fourth lap. Just before the kink in the back straight there was an ominous rattle and as I switched it off a bang and a cloud of smoke. I was hard over on the left so pulled onto the grass and coasted to a stop opposite the hairpin. I hate being towed in. A small consolation was a lap time in the high 13s.

A quick look under the bonnet, the hole in the block that was too big to Araldite, so it was onto the trailer and back to Cambridge. I missed the last two races so cannot comment on them. I did see the Melbourne GP though. Go McLaren. Thinking about it I would rather have missed Melbourne and had the motor in one piece.

The damage? A hole in the block, a broken number 4 con. rod and a cracked piston. A 3 piece camshaft and a damaged crankshaft.

- 4 Twin Cam or similiar pistons.
- Dry sump pump, sump and tank.
- 4 forged con rods to fit a crossflow crankshaft.

I have always had a problem with low oil pressure in the corners so dry sumping it will solve that problem. I have a spare block and crankshaft and am chasing a camshaft on Trade me. Two hours to go and my bid.

That is it for my season, not a good way to finish but thats motor sport. Target is Manfeild in November.

Richard Wright.

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