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Taupo HRC Meeting Race Report 14-15 January 2012

The first race of 2012 was held at Taupo Motorsport Park over the weekend of 14 & 15 January. Weather was overcast and windy, however the forecast rain stayed away for all FFord races.

Championship leader, Mike Creswell, trialled his T342's snorkel during free practice on Friday, but his times were off so he reverted to running without it for the rest of the weekend, however he still wasn’t quite fast enough to get onto the front row after qualifying, the honour shared by Tony Cross and David Silverton.

Race One saw Peter Boel in his Lotus Mk41C scamper off, leaving the way clear for the fast group of Cross, Creswell, Silverton, Mike Hunter, and Don Hopkins to dice it out cleanly without the out-of-class car of Peter Boel’s being a factor to the racing. Cross and Silverton managed to break the tow of the two Mikes and Don Hopkins, and pressed off into the distance establishing a lead over third place of 18-sec’s by the end of race, with TC edging Silverton by 0.6secs on the line to take the win.

Meanwhile, the race for third was being hotly contested between the two Mikes of Creswell and Hunter, with the latter holding third for most of the race until a spin going into the left hander that exits the in-field section ended with him square to the track, and Mike Creswell diving for cover via the kitty litter, re-entering the track in third place just ahead of the now caught up Don Hopkins. Hunter resumed behind Don, and there they stayed to the end.

Race Two saw Peter Boel grab a box of neutral’s at the go, baulking those behind him on the grid. However of more import was TC grabbing himself a jumpstart penalty which played out against him for line honours. TC and Silverton resumed their dicing at the front, clearly the fastest two cars on Saturday, again opening up a 18-19sec margin at the chequers. Dave led the most of the race between them, with TC taking a look for the pass and the lead twice going into the chicane off the drag strip. On the very final lap, TC mad the pass stick, and they crossed the line 0.23-sec apart, however TC’s jumpstart and subsequent 5-sec penalty reversed the finishing order between them.

The two Mike’s again had a dice throughout the race, never more than a car length gapping them, with Hunter staying ahead until the last lap as Creswell entered the dragstrip chicane ahead, then crossing the line a half second up on the other Mike.

Race Three was run on Sunday morning with Roger Slee was a non-starter in his Dulon. The front three on the grid was again Cross, Silverton and Creswell, however TC must have had too much bacon for breakfast and Dave Silverton simply drove away throughout the race for a comfortable 12-sec victory.

The action therefore moved to the two Mike’s and Don Hopkins once more, this time with Hunter and Hopkins heading Creswell for most of the race. With three laps to go, Creswell setup a pass on Hopkins as they entered the start finish straight pulling along side on the exit from the dragstrip chicane and taking the inside line through the left hander onto the start finish straight. Hopkins had more speed out of the corner and pulled forward so the two were running nose cone to gear box, however Creswell kept to the middle of the track and thus held Hopkins to the outside line through turn one and simply drove inside and past him. It was then a matter of T340 vs T342 as Creswell chased down Tony Cross with an approximate four second deficit with 2-and-a-half laps to run.

However the lap count settled the matter, with TC crossing the line 1.3-secs up on the charging T342 behind him.

Special mention too for Michael Clark, proving that bottle openers are not the only tool one should keep in their toolbox as his exhaust pipe extension fell off on the last lap of the race, ruining what was a pretty decent run for him in race three. Mayhaps someone will loan him a spanner next weekend?

Championship Standings

As at 15 January / Taupo HRC Meeting

Class I Current Leader: Mike Creswell

Class I Points:
429 Mike Creswell (Lola T342)
402 Tony Cross (Lola T340)
382 Dave Silverton (PRS)
295 Vic Clarke (Palliser)
282 Michael Clarke (Crossle)
232 Ron Wilkin (Elden)
215 Graham Dickie (Begg)
174 Don Hopkins (Crossle)
159 Gerald Duncan (Cheetah)
158 Michael Hunter (Hawke)
122 Graeme Cameron (ADF)
121 Martin Lucas (Lotus)
119 Paul Dold (GLH)
104 Bruce McCoy (Lola T342)
103 Richard Cullen (Van Diemen)
64 Roger Slee (Dulon)
60 Phil Foulkes (Palliser)
40 Chris Fraser (Lola T340)
31 Barry Thomas (Royale)

Class II Current Leader: Grant Campbell (on race wins)

Class II Points:

240 Grant Campbell (Swift)
240 Mike Lee (Mondiale)
136 Lindsay Porter (Lola T644)
122 Phil Foulkes (Van Diemen)
65 Peter Boel (Swift)

Fastest Laps of the Season (by racetrack): (number in () denotes Class number)

Tony Cross (1) Lola T340 1:42.394 HRC Taupo Meet, Taupo Motorsport Park, 14/01/12
Phil Foulkes (1) Palliser 1:13.171 TACCOC Spring Meet, Hampton Downs, 06/11/11
Grant Campbell (2) Swift FB4 1:14.391 Icebreaker, Hampton Downs, 24/09/11
Dave Silverton (1) PRS 1:08.826 TACCOC Spring Classic, Pukekohe, 08/10/11
Phil Foulkes (2) Van Diemen 1:08.527 TACCOC Spring Classic, Pukekohe, 08/10/11
Graeme Cameron (1) ADF 1:16.99 MG Classic, Race 3, Manfeild, 13/11/11
Grant Campbell (2) Swift FB4 1:17.20 MG Classic, Race 4, Manfeild, 13/11/11

Previous fastest laps:

Dave Silverton(1) PRS 1:14.167 Icebreaker, Race 1, Hampton Downs, 24/09/11

TACCOC October Spring Classic - Sat 8th October 2011

The TACCOC Spring Classic saw a fine mid-spring day at Pukekohe Raceway. The Historic Formula Ford’s only had ten cars entered for this meeting, eight Class I cars, and two Class II cars. Making their season debut’s were Bruce McCoy (#13 Lola T342), Michael Clark (#32 Crossle 32F), and Phil Foulkes (#22 Van Diemen RF85).

Practise / qualification saw a spread of 7 seconds across the nine cars that took to the track. Mike Lee (#55 Mondiale M86S) pounded out 11 laps around Puke’, setting the pole time of 1:10.526.

Race 1 was over 8-laps, and was eventually won by Foulkes in a rampant 9:25.771, setting fastest lap for the weekend of 1:08.527 in the process, but not before a short battle with Dave Silverton (#43 PRS), who just 0.102 seconds adrift of Foulkes at the line, with Foulkes only taking the lead on the final lap. Mike Lee, whom had led for a period of the race, finished third 2.397 seconds behind Foulkes, but comfortably ahead of another tight grouping of three cars featuring Mike Creswell (#7 Lola T342), Vic Clarke (#911 Palliser WDF3) and Graham Dickie (#191 Begg FM3) whom were spread by a mere 0.873 seconds at the line.

Race 2, again over 8-laps was comfortably won by Silverton, finishing 13.533 seconds up on Michael Clark; himself only 0.201 seconds ahead of Foulkes in third. Vic Clarke and Graham Begg again finished within a blink of each other (0.06 seconds), with Ron Wilkin (#72 Elden PRH10) on their coat-tails, just 0.6-seconds behind them.

Race 3 was once more a Siverton victory, this time by 8.516 seconds. Silverton also set the Class I fastest lap in this race, with a 1:08.826. Foulkes raced home in second with a handy 4.5-second gap to Mike Creswell, who had his best placing of the weekend in third. Creswell however had Michael Clark right on his exhaust pipe, a mere 0.205-secs behind in fourth. Fifth was Mike Lee, whilst Ron Wilkin and Vic Clarke crossed the line in sixth and seventh respectively separated by a scant 0.014-seconds…

The Class leaders have changed around this weekend, with Dave Silverton taking charge in Class I, and Mike Lee moving atop the Class II table.

Championship Standings As at 8 October 2011 / TACCOC Spring Classic

Class I Current Leader: Dave Silverton
Class I Points:

  • 194 Dave Silverton (PRS)
  • 158 Mike Creswell (Lola T342)
  • 123 Graham Dickie (Begg)
  • 122 Ron Wilkin (Elden)
  • 108 Vic Clarke (Palliser)
  • 89 Michael Clarke (Crossle)
  • 79 Gerald Duncan (Cheetah)
  • 75 Tony Cross (Lola T340)
  • 65 Martin Lucas (Lotus)
  • 44 Bruce McCoy (Lola T342)
  • 40 Chris Fraser (Lola T340)
  • 31 Barry Thomas (Royale)
  • 26 Michael Hunter (Hawke)
  • 22 Richard Cullen (Van Diemen)

Class II Current Leader: Mike Lee
Class II Points:

  • 135 Mike Lee (Mondiale)
  • 122 Phil Foulkes (Van Diemen)
  • 80 Grant Campbell (Swift)
  • 65 Peter Boel (Swift)
  • 65 Lindsay Porter (Lola T644)

Fastest Laps: (number in () denotes Class number)

  • Dave Silverton(1) PRS 1:14.167 Icebreaker, Race 1, Hampton Downs, 24/09/11
  • Dave Silverton (1) PRS 1:08.826 TACCOC Spring Classic, Pukekohe, 08/10/11
  • Phil Foulkes (2) Van Diemen 1:08.527 TACCOC Spring Classic, Pukekohe, 08/10/11

Icebreaker Report - 24th and 25th September 2011

The 2011 season got underway on a weekend of changeable weather conditions. Saturday saw sunshine and a bit of wind, with Sunday really living up to the Icebreaker name with a cold Southerly and rain - so much so, that Race 3 was reduced to 6-laps, and only 5 cars took the starters orders.

Mike Creswell (Lola T342, #7) opened the weekend setting fastest lap in qualifying with a 1:14.643. Taking P2 was Dave Silverton (PRS, #43) on a 1:15.338, with the ever present Tony Cross (Lola T340, #340) setting P3 at 1:15.358.

Race 1 saw Creswell drop back in the first lap, with Silverton driving into the lead for the first three laps. However, Class II driver, Grant Campbell (Swift FB4, #46) soon took over on the 4th lap and wasn't headed for the rest of the race. Behind Campbell, Silverton and Cross filled out the top three at the line, with Cross only slipping back to third on the last lap.

Race 2, run under wet conditions on the Sunday morning saw lap times drop by around 10-seconds on average. Creswell made for a better start to the race, maintaining the lead through to lap 6 where he dropped four places, falling behind the trio of Campbell, Cross and Silverton, as well as Mike Lee in his Class II Mondiale M86S (#55).

Race 3 turned into a wet weather practice session after a group consensus regarding the heavily deteriorated weather.

Fastest lap for the weekend went to Dave Silverton, outclassing the Class II cars, and taking all four bonus points on offer for the weekend.

Race 1 / Class 1:

  1. Dave Silverton
  2. Tony Cross
  3. Martin Lucas

Race 1 / Class 2:

  1. Grant Campbell
  2. Peter Boel
  3. Mike Lee

Race 2 / Class 1:

  1. Tony Cross
  2. Martin Lucas
  3. Mike Cresswell

Race 2 / Class 2:

  1. Grant Campbell
  2. Mike Lee
  3. Peter Boel

Points as at April 2010

14-15 Nov
16-17 Jan
6-7 Feb
7 Mar
20-21 Mar
73 Ian Staples Lola T440
79 Richard Cullen Van Dieman
911 Vic Clarke Palliser
8 Ben Field Elden Mk 8
43 Dave Silverton PRS
113 Bruce McCoy Cheetah
85 Michael Hunter Hawke DL2A
71 Phil Foulkes Palliser Trident
222 Bruce Wootten Cheetah
111 Bob Giles Titan
67 Graham Walker Titan
28 Mark Joblin Van Dieman
83 Stan Benbrook Lynx
82 Alistair Moffat Van Dieman
188 Roger Slee Dulon
91 Martin Lucas Van Dieman
191 Graham Dickie Begg FM3
34 Ron Wilkin Elden
340 Tony Cross Lola T340
34 Graham Main Keram
34 Blair Brownlee Lola
3 Graeme Cameron ADF
32 Michael Clark Crossle
73 Barry Thomas Royale
86 Don Bradley Crossle
999 Craig Munro Lola T340

Based on reliability at each event. Scoring system per race:

10 points per race upon entering meeting
-9 called into stewards / C.R.O office for an infringement
-7 causing a red flag to any session
-6 Practised but did not start due to weather conditions
-6 DNF – towed in or recovery vehicle used
-5 DNF – return to pits under own power
-4 cause a delayed race start
-3 spin during practice or race ( or excursion )
-2 wrong gear at race start, neck brace fall off, stop to do-up helmet, late for practice or race, forget to sign declaration, forget logbook, or any other similar

Negative points are possible. From a single incident only the highest penalty shall be counted, e.g. a spin causes a DNF and a red flag then only the red flag penalty is counted. But if you spin twice in a single race then both spin penalties shall count.

Formula Ford April 2010 Report

Hi everyone.

What a great end to a fantastic season of "very close" hard racing.

Sunday's event at Pukekohe was held in perfect warm sunny weather with no wind, and we had 15 entries with qualifying and 3 Formula Ford only races.

Unfortunately Phil's car met with the armco at Railway on Saturday testing, and Grant Campbell did not arrive for racing.

We had 13 cars per race with extremely good close battles and lots of drafting going on. All of us it seems posted personal best times (typical of end of season in good conditions).

The closeness of our racing is absolute proof that we are on the right track by checking engines, and encouraging all to present legal Formula Fords when entering our events..

The season end "Chocolate Fish" prizes were presented to the very worthy winners.

Phil Foulkes comfortably won the Major series and certainly has developed his car and his driving skills to achieve what he has. Congratulations Phil.

The Minor series went right down to the last meeting with Michael Clark and Martin Lucas fighting for the Fish. Unfortunately for Martin his gear linkage problem in race 1 denied him the chance of winning.

It was a real thrill to be able to hand Michael the prize. He has entered every meeting and has kept the car on the black stuff with commendable driving skills and very good discipline. Note how his lap times have come down. He has a perpetual smile on his face these days. Congratulations Michael.

As you all know we are re writing the North Island Historic Formula Ford regulations to reflect today's requirements. We will all shortly be able to email you a copy for your comment.

After that process we will present the regs to the clubs we race with, so that their Supplementary regs can state that all Formula Fords must comply with the North Island Historic Formula Ford Regulations. That will allow the regs to be enforced.

The 40th anniversary planning is well under way and we will let you know shortly the final format, once dates are locked in.

In the mean time we have 5 short months to ready our cars for what will be a very busy season, incorporating our normal meetings as well the North and South Island 40th anniversary events.

Yahoo, I have really enjoyed this season and look forward to an action packed next season, with a fantastic field of very good friends enjoying our race battles.

Keep well, we will be in touch frequently.

Formula Ford March 2010 Report

Once again we had an extremely good TACCOC event, this time at Hampton Downs. The meeting was very well run with a friendly, casual atmosphere, and the weather was fantastic, which gave us qualifying and three 8 lap races for the one day event.

We all had a great time and again enjoyed close racing and many hard fought battles, to the extent of a few excursions off track from trying too hard. I feel that the more outings we have at H/Downs the more we like the challenge, which is evident by the lower lap times being achieved.

Brent Rollinson has sold his lovely Lola ( and is already regretting it ) to Bruce Munro who we welcomed to our group. Bruce's son Craig will campaign the Lola and Bruce will still run his Formula Junior. Its great to be able to welcome more to our group.

As our numbers increase we must be getting closer to having Formula Ford only races with all the clubs we race with. The more entries we get the more strength we give to our quest.

Our next meeting is on the 20/21st March at Hampton Downs, and the last meeting of the season is at Pukekohe on the 11th April.

Please get your entries in now. The more the merrier.

The chocolate fish are still up for grabs. Phil is out in front of both our series, but of course is only eligible to win one series. I list below the top 10 from each series.


Phil Foulkes 692
Martin Lucas 446
Vic Clarke 436
Michael Clark 427
Tony Cross 424
Bruce McCoy 422
Mike Hunter 401
Dave Silverton 364
Richard Cullen 266
Don Bradley 247


Michael Clark 317
Martin Lucas 304
Bruce McCoy 290
Vic Clarke 283
Mike Hunter 225
Tony Cross 224
Dave Silverton 220
Richard Cullen 200
Ron Wilkin 200
Don Bradley 160

Formula Ford December 2009 Report

The last few weeks have absolutely flown by, I think they left me behind.

Our HRSCC Taupo event was again an extremely good fun meeting, Friday afternoon was a good lead up to the meeting with scrutineering and documentation done and followed by a very nice BBQ. Special thanks to those responsible for providing such a good wholesome meal and great company.

It was a thrill to have the "Vintage" guys at the meeting, I know we all hope that is the first of many to come. Also good to see Ray Hawke on the circuit

Sunday dawned fine, which set the tone for a good days racing. We had 12 Formula Fords on the grid and had F/Ford only races.

Because no race times are taken we all took turns at starting the front, rear and midway which is one of the features of the meeting.

We got in 5 races for the day, with no incidents apart from Vic's tank slapper, Tony's excursion off the end of the straight (probably from watching the Drifters on the other circuit) and a few minor woopsies.

Last weekend was TACCOC and our first outing on the fantastic Hampton Downs new circuit and "wow" what a great challenging circuit it is. With corners and drop offs like no other circuit in NZ.

We had 18 Formula Fords on the grid and have many more that will be joining us this season. (I know of 5 more cars that will be turning out)

We were privileged to welcome Don Bradley with his immaculate Crossle, who will give us all a hurry up if his first outing is anything to go by.

We all loved the new challenge and after each session the pit chatter was great.

I think the only incident was when Bruce Woottens car got stranded at the hairpin with the left rear wheel missing.( no damage apart from a broken axle, which proves the intense lateral forces encountered.) Strengthen your neck mussels

Qualifying and three eight lap races for the day was very satisfying and the meeting was run like clockwork, considering it was our first meeting at the venue.

I am most impressed with the entire track crew, headed by Bernard. They are all absolutely determined to assist in any way they can to make our racing enjoyable, safe and fun.

It might be the end of the year, but keep in mind it is under 4 weeks until our racing starts again with 4 weekends in a row. Make sure your cars are prepared and the little niggles you might have experienced have been resolved. Its not good enough to say "damn, I forgot to address that problem".

The McLaren Festival is nearly upon us and I want to instill upon you all, that you will be running in fields greater than most of you have run in. Please exercise the discipline necessary when in such large fields, and remember there is no Formula 1 test up for grabs and that the event is exactly that; A FESTIVAL.

Have a very good Christmas and please drive safely. Look out for the idiot that could ruin yours and your family holiday and future.

Regards, Bruce

Another Manfield experience. 14-15 November 2009

Well; what a great weekend we had at the MG Classic.

Some of us leisurely drove down to Feilding on Thursday in lovely fine weather.

Others had to get out of bed really early to get there on time to take advantage of Friday testing at only $75.

Others arrived casually during Friday and got set up for the weekend.

We had 29 cars in our races and 18 of these were Formula Fords from both Islands. It is fantastic having the South Island guys come up each year to do battle with us. We always have lots of fun with them, whether it be in the North or South.

I certainly hope more of you will venture further a field and enjoy the comradery we have.

Saturday dawned very windy, and very cold. We were scheduled for qualifying and 4 races for the weekend. At drivers briefing Ron asked to see the Historic group co ordinater after briefing. Michael Hunter came with me to offer his input, which was appreciated under the circumstances.

We had an extremely friendly discussion where Ron said he would do his best to fit in another race for us, and explained we were not being singled out or ostracized with a 4 race format, and that it was purely a mistake.

The meeting as usual was run like clockwork, and by lunch time Ron came and said we would get the additional race at the end of the days racing. Which we did.

Sunday arrived a little warmer but still very windy.

We were second out again, and had our one and only handicap race, followed by our last race mid afternoon.

We did a few random compression checks, and a full check on Tony's car, which I am delighted to say is back to legal. We will be continuing with the engine checks.

Several of our group have attended to their engines over the winter and it sure did show over the weekend. We had fantastic close fun racing, without anyone being able to pull a break on the others. Heaps of dicing and slip streaming going on. Make one small mistake and your playmate is through and it is your turn to hassle him into leaving a gap. The after race fun in the pits was almost as good as the racing.

Of all the close racing, we had no coming together and no hits or touches. I am proud to be part of our group that displayed good disciplined racing and also put on a very good show for the large crowd.

Some experienced small mechanical problems which were overcome. I really feel for Stan who broke a cam follower, which ended his fun.

Join the HRSCC meeting at Taupo on Sunday the 6th December, and feel the fun of genuine Formula Ford racing.

Thanks to Mark Joblin Classic Cover Insurance for forwarding the photos on this page, all taken by Steve Beale.

See you there, Bruce McCoy NZ Historic FF Register Co-ordinator.

David Heron, March F2 (ex - Frank Radisich etc)
John Rapley, Brabham FJ
Tony Cross, Lola FF
Peter Avery, Brabham, Off at Turn 1
Peter Avery, Brabham, Off at Turn 1
Robert Giles, Titan FF leads Mike Hunter, Hawke FF and Peter Avery, Brabham BT
Graham Walker, Begg FF
Dave Silverton, PRS FF

Pukekohe Legends of Speed. 21st-22nd March 2009

What a great time we all had last weekend. Good clean hard racing and great weather.

It was great to have welcomed Ron Wilkin to be with us. His car is a beautifully prepared Elden and is a very welcome addition to our group.

It was good to have Richard Cullen return to racing after his shoulder operation. I enjoyed many dicing battles with Richard.

Vic Clarke has had a great time over recent meetings and has also been involved in many slip streaming and dicing duels.

Tony and Ben were duelling out front and we all enjoyed the new grip hairpin, but Tony and I found that braking at the 50 meter mark was a tad too late.

Tony hasn't had a chance to fit his "Legal" engine as yet but it will be done over winter.

Series points to date; Major series top 5;

  • Tony Cross 450
  • Bruce McCoy 316
  • Vic Clarke 291
  • Dave Silverton 240
  • Ben Field 214

Minor series top 5;

  • Bruce McCoy 242
  • Tony Cross 238
  • Vic Clarke 212
  • Dave Silverton 178
  • Martin Lucas 158

Here we are again racing on the 5th April and only the two one day events left on our 2008/2009 season. Lets make them ripper events with a good turn out. Graham Walker will be at both events and really looking forward to them.

We had 9 cars entered last weekend out of 21 paid up members of our group, I hope for more this time.

Photos kindly sent to me from Richard.

Richard Cullen 1979 Van Diemen FF
chases Bruce McCoy’s 1975 Cheetah
Martin Lucas in his 1980
Van Diemen RF80c FF
Vic Clarkes 1971 Palliser FF
Dave Silverton, 1980, PRS RH02 chased
by Vic Clarkes 1971 Palliser FF
Ben Field, 1971 Elden Mk8

Formula Ford Report 02/02/2008

Well, it sure was a full on weekend with weather we all dream about for the entire weekend.

Phil Foulkes and Michael Clark were dealt a rough blow early in the meeting and had to feel the anguish of not being able to compete. As I found last season, that is really tough, but you get to see some great racing and visualise where you would be in the pack. It also does us good to see the discipline of all competitors in those tight situations when running in such large fields.

I think it is fair to say that most of us were not really in favour of a handicap race with such a large field. I congratulate everyone for the discipline and consideration of every competitor. Not a single incident and both fast and slow groups showed respect for each other. FANTASTIC.

I am pleased to say that all competing members of our group are paid up to our series.This is a must.

It has been suggested that our fee be increased to at least $50 so that a MSNZ inspector can be employed to check the likes of engine legality. Frankly I don't agree and prefer the honesty rule to prevail. I will do the checks at no charge if that is what our group feels is necessary.

I have the necessary equipment to check camshaft duration and compression pressure. It is a simple procedure which only entails spark plug and rocker cover removal and the fitting of a frame which houses two dial gauges which are in contact with the inlet and exhaust valve of one cylinder. It takes only a few minutes and identifies camshaft duration and lift. Couple this with a quick compression pressure check and we can fairly accurately identify engine legality.

Tony Cross has purchased a legal F/Ford engine which will be fitted after Taupo, which is admission that his current engine is outside our rules.

We have two other cars that have been suggested as doubtful to the specifications, both of which were purchased in the supposed illegal state they are in.

They are car no 8, Ben Field, and car no 222, Bruce Wooten. Also car 111, Bob Giles raises widespread suspicion.

On numerous conversations I hear of past competitors that would enter "Historic Racing" but would not consider it until controls are in place.

Frankly I don't want to have to check engines at our meetings. All I want to do is race my car with the friends I respect and enjoy their company. Until the helmet comes on that is.

Where do we go from here. Please send me your views, we are all friends and are all concerned for the welfare of our series.

After Taupo I head to the South Island to again compete in the Southern Festival Of Speed.

Please send me your views. We all have a stake in our series and have to have unity.


With that, I look forward to seeing you all in Taupo this weekend for another fun filled experience.

Bruce & Jill

Taupo 6th and 7th December 2008

"Wow" what a weekend's racing that was. Practice and 7 races over the two days in very hot dry weather with light winds; it couldn't have been better.

We welcomed Martin Lucas to our group and he requested to start off the rear all weekend to get used to his X Lyall Zohs Van Diemen. Great to have you with us Martin, I bet that the smile is still on your face.

We had 12 Formula Fords which gave us our own grids all weekend. We all took turns at different starting positions which is always popular at that meeting.

Michael Clarke had an oil line come off and somehow didn't expire his engine, he must have a 20 litre reservoir tank, I don't think I have ever seen as much oil dropped (on the racing line of course.) I hope you took the suggestion and purchased a Lotto ticket. Michael also missed one race due to a flat battery.

Roger Slee had the off of the day entering the sweeper. He left the track and buried the car in the scoria without tell tale tyre entry marks. He was presented with a chocolate frog for his leap, and was back out again after a clean up.

Peter Grant ("Baldric" from Christchurch) spun exiting the sweeper right in front of myself, almost identical to the spin at Manfield hairpin. Peter was at the Taupo meeting last year and will try to be with us at Pukekohe late January. Peter also had to chase all round Taupo to replace a dead battery. Its great to have you up here with us.

Tony Cross and Dave Silverton went straight ahead off the end of the straight, and in a later race Martin Lucas, Tony, Baldric and Roger had spins on a massive amount of scoria deposited on the only right hander (I think put there by Noel Martin Smith). Michael Hunter battled engine misfiring problems on Saturday (condenser we think) but came out fired up on Sunday and had a great time. Vic Clarke didn't realize that spins would cost him valuable points so had two of the best to my knowledge.

When we got home and unpacked everything I realized how tired my neck and body was. What a nice feeling to be tired out from racing. I must use my exercise machine more often.
Alistair and Stewart did not have their car ready, but were at the meeting and were Marshals for the weekend. Thanks very much.

For those that were unable to make the meeting I am sorry you missed the fun, better luck next year .

The Mallock 50th anniversary prize giving and dinner was absolutely superb. It was fantastic to see so many cars and famous people at the dinner and meeting. Congratulations to all involved, you did a marvelous job to mark the occasion. The first 5 on the "Major" series points table so far.
• Tony Cross 217
• Bruce McCoy 150
• Phil Foulkes 123
• Michael Hunter 112
• Vic Clarke 108

The first 5 on the "Minor" series points table so far.
• Bruce McCoy 150
• Tony Cross 144
• Phil Foulkes 120
• Vic Clarke 115
• Graham Walker 100

That's all from me for now, I hope you all have a great Christmas and wish you all a very prosperous New Year. I look forward to seeing you all at the Tasman Revival meetings at Pukekohe and Taupo. At this stage Phil Foulkes, Bob Giles and myself are all going to the "Southern Festival Of Speed".

Our best wishes to you all,
Bruce and Jill McCoy

April 2008

Here we are with two race meetings and one hill climb left to complete the season.

Unfortunately I couldn't race last weekend, but I was there and really enjoyed watching good competitive, clean Historic racing. It was great to walk the pits enjoying the enthusiasm from everyone out there doing it. We had 21 cars in our races which were a mix of Super Historics, Formula Ford and Formula Juniors, and because of this had rolling starts. ( I would love to have been part of it )

Alistair unfortunately spun near the end of the first race entering Jennian, and touched the wall with his nose cone, which came off second best. That ended his weekend. Ben and Phil decided to do a 9 lap race and got called up to the "Beak" to answer for their misdemeanor.

Tony Cross and Ian were at the meeting and announced he is coming back to race with us. He has purchased the John & Trudy Cameron Lola, had it put back to legal & will be out with us next season. ( if not before )

Barry Thomas has joined with us with his Royale RP16 and raced steadily over the weekend having a lot of fun. Michael Clark has a continual smile on his face and is having a ball. ( and his lap times show it )

The points series is very close in both series to date, the first five are;

Major Series:
Richard 317
Dave 292
Phil 269
Mike 257
Ben 244

Minor Series:
Dave 190
Mike 172
Phil 150
Richard 147
Vic 129

Our next meeting is TACCOC April 13 where we get Qualifying and 3 races in the 1 day event. I have surgery on my shoulder on the 1st April so don't think I can race, but I will be there.


Taupo racing December 2007

Hi all,

What a fantastic weekend we had with great warm sunny weather. Just what we had hoped for, and a good turn out of our group.

We had 11 of us sharing grid starting positions at random and enjoying good, very close racing. There was no lap timing taken, which I feel always adds to the friendly atmosphere of this annual event.

We had some hard luck dished out to a few, and it was very sad to see Michael Clark have an excursion in his first ever event, especially when he had the correct mindset. With the expert help from his minder ( Graham McRae ) he will certainly bounce back.

Once again Stan Benbrook was dealt a mechanical woe. That the third time at that event, all over now we hope.

I arrived home Sunday evening tired and elated. What a fantastic group of friends ( until the helmet goes on ) we have to race with.

For those of you that couldn't make the event, lets all hope you can next year join in the fun offered by the only circuit racing meeting offered by HRSCC.

We have a summer of events coming up so lets hope for even larger fields of our gorgeous race cars.

We wish you all the best for the festive season and look forward to catching up in the new year.

Bruce and Jill McCoy


Archived reports:

November 2007 (PDF file)